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Our Monthly Themes for 2024

Preschool monthly themes + Explorative learning for young minds

Learning is always a combination of fun, focus, and intrigue in a preschool setting. Our preschool monthly themes guide little learners through creative projects and fun activities, both individually and in groups. We choose these themes based on the interests of preschoolers and topics we feel can benefit them to explore, in addition to the CAPS curriculum we already implement. 

At Little Phase Creche, we encourage explorative learning for young minds. Exploratory play is a crucial aspect of children’s development, contributing significantly to the enhancement of their concentration and attention span. This type of play involves actively engaging with the environment, objects, and materials, allowing children to discover and learn through hands-on experiences. We consider this when planning the activities aligned with our preschool monthly themes. 

Our Preschool Monthly themes for 2024: 

January – Friendship & Kindness
When it comes to laying the foundation for social and emotional development, lessons in friendship and kindness go a long way. Children under the age of 5 are still learning essential social skills, to build on their emotional intelligence. In this theme, we focus on the importance of kindness to others and highlight and celebrate the meaning of friendships amongst peers. 

February – Gardening
When we think of summer, we think of time spent outdoors, embracing nature and enjoying the sunshine! This is the perfect month for our Gardening theme, as it allows for explorative learning for young minds, through hands-on learning and tactile experiences that enhance their understanding of the natural world. This theme also helps children practice patience and responsibility. 

March – Physical Wellness 
Our theme of Physical Wellness highlights the importance of taking care of our bodies and health. A healthy body results in improved mental health as well.  For preschoolers, it is important to establish healthy habits from a young age. Practicing self-care and learning to love and appreciate our bodies gives you the tools to feel confident within yourself. 

April – Seasons 
The natural world is filled with beauty, which can be observed differently depending on the season. Our theme of Seasons teaches children about the unique characteristics of each season and connects them to the natural environment. Children love to learn and show their understanding, by pointing out their favourite types of weather and pointing out why. 

May – My 5 Senses
Most of what we experience and observe happens thanks to our 5 senses. These senses are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching, and they help us to learn about our surroundings. This theme creates room for discussion in the classroom and allows for explorative learning for young minds, resulting in exciting and memorable discoveries. 

June – Colours and Shapes 
Identifying and differentiating between different colours and shapes is important for preschoolers. It helps to establish a strong foundation for educational concepts like math and logic, which is useful in their primary school years. Organization and categorising skills also develop, and children learn to compare objects. There is also a cognitive link between visual clues and words.  

July – Transport 
From very young, children are fascinated with cars, airplanes, boats, trains, and other forms of transport. This makes for an entertaining theme where we explore different modes and means of transport through interactive projects. We also look at road signs and discuss road safety, giving children the fundamentals they need when it comes to transport.

August – Jobs and Careers 
This theme allows us to explore different careers and future possibilities with our classes. The sky is the limit! We focus on different career paths and what they entail, and we dive into various jobs and the importance of them. This theme helps little ones to appreciate and value what it means to work hard and earn an income. We do a fun career dress-up day, too! 

September – Environment & Ocean Awareness 
Children need to learn the importance of caring for the environment and recycling. Every little action counts when it comes to considering the ocean and our planet. From recycling wherever possible to being kind to the Earth, we can all do our part. Raising environmental awareness from a young age gives children a clear understanding of the role they play. 

October – Animals & Insects 
Our theme of Animals & Insects is one filled with fascination and discovery. Children are naturally curious about animals and teaching them about insects can remove the fear of the unknown. From identifying land and ocean animals to understanding the unique behaviours of different types of animals, we always enjoy the activities that bring this theme to life! 

November – Space
The vastness of the universe captivates young children and initiating discussions about topics such as planets and the solar system can captivate and foster their curious minds. Exploring the realms of planets and the solar system is truly wonderful! From shooting stars to galaxies, space rockets, and the names of our planets, this is one of our favourite preschool monthly themes!  

December – Christmas 
We do not have a specific theme for the last month of the year. Our focus shifts to celebrating Christmas and celebrating the festive season and the end of another fun and interesting school year. Children enjoy a visit from Santa and an end-of-year Christmas party, while also practicing gratitude and kindness.

Whatever the theme, our dedicated Little Phase teachers guide children through fun activities and class projects to highlight the subject. Keep a lookout on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we regularly share photos of the themes in action. 

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