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Sun, Sand, and Stories: Summer Reading Recommendations for Creche Kids

The December school holidays are just around the corner, and we’ve compiled a preschool reading recommendations list for you to enjoy with your child!

The season is perfect for fun summer activities and exciting discoveries of all that Cape Town offers. Even though Little Phase preschoolers have some time off school, their young minds will still be eager to keep learning! Use our Children’s Summer Reading List for Christmas present ideas or use it to guide your summer holiday things-to-do itinerary! 

One way to keep imaginations in flight and spend quality time with your child is by reading to them. Reading to your little one encourages emotional awareness and empathy, while also impacting their language development. A child who is read to regularly will often show better concentration skills, which can become a lifelong gift as they take in information in the years to come. Most importantly, reading together gives you and your child quality time together without interruptions and distractions

Preschool Reading Recommendations from Little Phase:

Merry Christmas, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton
Available on Takealot | Age 1+

This board book is perfect for small hands and captures the Festive Season spirit as Christmas approaches. This lovely short story follows a mommy pig and her little Pookie enjoying Christmas activities together leading up to Christmas Day, from baking cookies to decorating the house and singing carols. You should save this one for a Christmas Eve read! 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle
Available on Takealot and at Bargain Books or Exclusive Books | Age 1+ 

This beloved children’s book is a magical read that also helps with early learning. Follow the adventures of a little caterpillar as he eats his way through the weekdays, eventually feasting on a picnic of tasty treats and feeling very full. What started as a tiny and ravenous caterpillar ends as a big fat caterpillar, who turns into a beautiful butterfly. 

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney’s
Available on Takealot and at Bargain Books or Exclusive Books | Age 1+

A firm favourite on our children’s summer reading list, Guess How Much I Love You is the story of two hares, Big Nutbrown Hare, and Little Nutbrown Hare. In this heartwarming tale, these two hares quantify their love for each other in larger and larger measures. This book has been a hit with preschool-aged children for decades and is still one of our favourites to read before bedtime! 

The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson
Available on Takealot and at Exclusive Books | Age 2+

With its poetic rhythm and playful pictures, this is a great read-out-loud book. Tag along with the little mouse as he walks through the woods and comes across bigger animals that intend to eat him. The little mouse is very clever and makes up a monster he calls the Gruffalo to protect him. There is a fun plot twist at the end of the story! This is a popular choice on our preschool reading recommendations list.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea – Judith Kerr
Available on Takealot | Age 2 + 

This beloved book teaches lessons about being kind to others and overcoming problems without them getting you down. Children can use their imagination and are entertained by the crazy thought of sitting for afternoon lunch and tea with a tiger who has a hearty appetite. At the end of the story, everyone has enjoyed a delicious treat! 

Wanda the Brave by Mathabo Tlali and Sihle Nonteshokweni
Available on Takealot and at Readers Warehouse | Age 3 +

A celebratory tale of a young African girl named Wanda, who explores her cultural identity and embraces girl power! Wanda has curly full hair and wants a more manageable hairstyle, but along the way faces challenges at the hairdresser, along with her friend. She finds herself needing to speak up and is confident enough to stand up for herself. This is an empowering and sweet story.  

The Wonderful Things You Will Be – Emily Windfield Martin
Available on Takealot | Age 0 to 3 

This lovely picture book dreams of what children could someday grow up to be, from a gardener to an actress. Perfect for babies and toddlers, the book illustrates and tells of different things children can grow up to become. The simple rhymes and beautiful images are captivating, and the heartfelt message is that a child can be anything they want to be. 

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
Available on Takealot and at Exclusive Books| Ages 1 to 4

A special bedtime story that describes the going to bed routine of a small bunny, Goodnight Moon has been a firm favourite amongst parents and caregivers since it was published in 1947. Children love it and can easily relate it to their own bedtime rituals. In this book, the sleepy bunny surveys all the objects in his room, saying goodnight to them as the moon rises and the room gets darker. 

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss
Available on Takealot and at Bargain Books or Exclusive Books | Age 2 + 

While most of us are familiar with Dr Seuss’s marvellous collection of stories, Green Eggs and Ham is well received by preschool-aged children. The story’s main character is a picky eater and keeps insisting that he does not like green eggs and ham, while his friend Sam-I-Am carries on suggesting different places to try the dish. In the end, the main character is surprised to find that he does like the dish after all! 

Duck and Goose go to the Beach – Tad Hills
Available on Takealot | Ages 2 + 

This book is funny and charming, where your child can take a trip to the beach with two feathered friends, Duck and Goose! From their meadow, they adventure through thickets and over a hill to visit the beach for the first time! Duck is excited in the beginning and Goose has his doubts, however, once they get to the beach, Goose loves it much more than Duck! 

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