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Tips for Healthy and Delicious Meals and Snacks at Crèche

Nutritional Tips for Healthy Crèche Meals and Snacks

Tips for Healthy and Delicious Meals and Snacks at Crèche

Once babies start eating solids, their journey with food begins and is filled with adorable moments. We know how important it is for children to develop healthy relationships with food from young. Good nutrition in young children supports their health, growth, and development. As a parent, you can make use of Nutritional Tips for Healthy Crèche Meals and Snacks to pack lunchboxes that benefit your little ones while at school.

At Little PhaseCrèche, we provide delicious and considerately prepared breakfasts and lunches to your little ones, from the age of 18 months. We do, however, request that parents pack two healthy snacks for their children every day, and we have some easy crèche snack ideas for you. On Fridays, the snacks may include a sweet treat.

Parents of babies in our Star Class (3 months – 18 months) need to pack breakfast and lunch for their babies every day, as each baby has unique food preferences based on taste, texture, and preparation. If your baby is on formula or pumped breast milk, please send that along and write out the times and measurements for each feed, so that we can stick to the same schedule they have at home.

Ideas for Nutritional Baby Meals for Star Class:

When your baby just starts eating (around 6 months old) keep it simple with single ingredient purees. By doing so, you can identify potential food allergies, while also seeing which tastes and textures your baby prefers.

Pea puree is packed with vitamins, protein, calcium, and iron. You can puree peas with or without the skin. Simply steam 3 cups of peas and add a half a cup of milk to it, before blending until smooth. This makes enough for 12 servings and can be stored in an ice cub tray for up to 2 months. Banana Puree is a popular option and most little ones enjoy it.


Bananas are gentle on baby’s stomachs and are rich in potassium. You can send a banana for your baby for us to peel and mash with a fork – sometimes we suggest adding milk if your baby is still new to solids. Too many bananas can cause constipation, though. Baked sweet potato puree is very nutritious and yummy, and you only need to bake a few sweet potatoes and then blend them together. Any purees can be made in batches, frozen and heated up at school!

When it comes to easy creche snack ideas for your baby, baby teething rusks and teething biscuits are ideal snacks, and a full-fat plain yogurt is another healthy option. Stocking up on baby fruit puree pouches (like squish and/or purity) also make for great school snacks

Nutritional Tips for Healthy Creche Meals and Snacks: 18 + months

As part of your child’s school day at Little Phase, we take time out for snacks before and after lunch. We encourage parents to be as mindful as possible when packing their children’s lunchboxes for school. Children tend to be picky eaters, so it is important to create a balance of what your child will enjoy and what is good for them.

Eating a variety of food gives young children a good chance to maintain a balanced diet, which is why all food groups should be included. Our easy crèche snack ideas are essential to packing without fuss, while staying healthy. We make a point of doing so in our creche’s lunch menu and offer a well-rounded summer menu and winter menu.

Easy Crèche Snack Ideas for 18 months and older:

Remember that children differ from adults and have a smaller stomach capacity, which is why regular snacks are needed. Snacks are also important because children might skip certain meals, and a school day of fun, learning and adventures requires enough energy.

  • Healthy muffins, like those made with wholewheat or fresh fruits and nuts.
  • Rice cakes come in a variety of sweet or savoury flavours and are healthier than crisps.
  • Nuts are filling and give children a lot of energy, while containing fats and oils.
  • Yogurt and drinking yogurts are always an enjoyable, easy, and healthy snack for children to enjoy.
  • Cut veggie sticks like cucumber and carrots. You can add hummus or peanut butter for dipping and taste.
  • Lean cold cuts like ham, beef pastrami or chicken.
  • Boiled eggs are an affordable, protein rich snack.
  • Smoothies can be filling and yummy, and you can pack them with your child’s favourite flavours and fruits.
  • Cheese is always a win with young children and can be grated or cut in cubes or slices.
  • Fresh fruit or dried fruit are an ideal healthy snack.

If your child has any food sensitivities or allergies, there is space in your child’s Little Phase diary to note this for our teachers.

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