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Our Monthly Themes for 2023

While learning according to the CAPS Curriculum helps to prepare your child for their early Primary School Education, our monthly themes are in place to inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Our teachers select each theme carefully, and make sure all classes can partake in some way. Our 2023 themes are as follows:

January: Gardening

This theme is a fun way to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the outside world.  There is so much to learn when playing and exploring outdoors. If children are taught to care for nature by growing plants and watering them to keep them alive, they learn to respect nature and take responsibility.

February: Colours & Shapes

This is a simple theme but is greatly beneficial for children to learn. Kids gain an understanding of their environment by observing different objects around them. Sorting and categorizing skills also come from grasping different concepts of shapes. Children become more observant, which leads to a growth in their learning capabilities.

March: Environment & Recycling

One way to teach little ones about sustainability is through recycling. When children practice sustainability, they start understanding the importance of the environment, and the responsibilities that we have, in order to keep our planet clean. At Little Phase, we teach little ones that R is for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and make it fun through interactive activities.

April: Physical Wellbeing

Learning to take our physical health seriously is important from a young age, and Physical Wellness is a fun opportunity to do activities where we use our bodies and minds creatively. Fine motor skills, teamwork and understanding instructions all come into play when we plan mini-workouts and connect with friends for wellness activities.

May: Animals & Insects

There are beautiful mysteries to uncover in nature, which are demonstrated by the lifecycles of insects like butterflies. Teaching little ones about animals and what they need to survive instils a sense of empathy and caring. We also look at the sounds animals make, and the behaviours of different animals.

June: Ocean Awareness

We live by the sea and children love the beauty that Cape Town offers. It’s fitting that our themes should include ocean conservation and awareness. This gives little one’s insight into the different ecosystems on our planet, and its vast marine life. The ocean is an important source of oxygen and food, while also regulating our climate.

July: Space

Children have a natural curiosity about outer space, the sky, and stars from a young age. It’s fascinating for them to learn about the planets in our solar system, and to learn about how the moon orbits the Earth and how the sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way. This theme also helps children develop a better understanding of our planet.

August: Jobs/Careers

A sure way to help your child imagine their future is by introducing them to potential careers. Each child is unique and has a special set of interests that they should grow up wanting to pursue. The sky is the limit, and children should know that they can do anything they work hard towards and put their minds to. The earlier they are exposed to different job types, the better.

September: Seasons

For children, learning about seasons gives them an idea of how the passage of time works, and teaches them about change. Each season of the year has specific defining characteristics, which children can associate them with. As teachers, we get to find out which season is your child’s favourite, and we have fun celebrating the start of Spring with the Seasons Theme.

October: Hygiene

We live in a world where hygiene is becoming increasingly important. Children should be taught good hygiene practices from young, as germs spread easily, especially at school. Hygiene is connected to health and wellbeing, and there are ways to make hygiene more fun for little ones, which we focus on during our October theme.

November: Transport

From the time children are toddlers, they already demonstrate an interest in cars and transport. Transport is a huge part of our daily lives. There are different modes of transport, and different vehicles that can get you where you need to be. This theme is another exciting one, and we plan activities that are playful, engaging and informative.

December: Celebrations

December is always a festive time at Little Phase Crèche. We have lots of fun, enjoy the warmer weather, and celebrate the start of the Festive Season. This is the last month of the year, and most of our learning and work activities are already done. Santa always pays us a visit just before we close for the year, and the last day of school is a joyous day of adventures with friends.

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