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Your child’s learning journey at Little Phase Crèche

As a parent or guardian, you want your little one to spend their preschool days in a loving and attentive environment. Little Phase was born from the idea that love and teaching should exist simultaneously for young learners, in order to help them grow to their potential.  

Most young children attend preschool from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, and so this setting becomes a familiar second home to them. We know how important it is that your child feels accepted, loved and appreciated, and our teaching staff have all been carefully chosen based their personalities, qualifications and abilities to teach the age-group that they are assigned to. Our staff are like family, and we feel the same about your children.

Each child walks a different path at Little Phase Crèche. Once they’ve been dropped off, we usually start with breakfast and a “morning ring” routine that is unique to each class. We have a main dining area at each of our school locations, where children of different ages sit together and eat (except for our baby class). From 2 years old, we let our little ones take turns setting the table before mealtimes, which gives them a sense of confidence and evokes their joy for helping. Children are encouraged to have active roles at our crèche and are nurtured according to their individual strengths and interests. All our students have nap time at 12 and snack times twice a day after breakfast and after lunch.

The baby and toddler classes (Star Class & Sea World Class) are taught to reach important milestones in the classroom. Singing, playing and dancing are regularly enjoyed in class. Nap time, indoor and outdoor play time and learning colours, shapes, gestures and emotions form part your toddler’s day with us. Under the age of 2, toddlers are learning through freedom of exploration and the testing of their physical limits. We make school a safe and fun space, with soft play opportunities and plenty of cuddles and proud moments.

Our education curriculum is implemented from the Rainbow Class of children between 2 and 3 years old, who focus on specific bi-weekly CAPS Topics for fun learning. These bi-weekly topics are determined at the start of each term, and our lesson plans are created to inspire deep thinking, problem solving and creative expression. Activities range from colouring in the lines to cutting and pasting, tracing, letter, shape and colour association and worksheets. Learning through play is still important, and we make sure to stay physically active.

In addition to the CAPS curriculum and bi-weekly topics, we also focus on unique monthly themes to guide fun activities at school. Learn more about Our 2023 Monthly Themes here. This monthly theme is carried across all age-groups and is covered in more detail in the monthly newsletter that parents receive.

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